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How would you like to see yourself
moving into action?

You Don't Need to Settle For What Is.

  • What assumptions are you making about the limits of your physical and mental abilities?
  • Have you given up on moving in certain ways, processing information quickly, or overcoming tension?
  • Do you fear that your child's premature birth, palsy, or developmental issue will limit them in life?

If you're making these assumptions based on your daily experience, you can know these limits are often simply a byproduct of unconscious habits, and not knowing how to connect mind and body more completely.

The body is an ongoing miracle! Your muscular, skeletal and nervous systems are in constant communication, adapting to compensate for all kinds of circumstances: how you hold your head to see the television or cradle a phone; skeletal misalignments; a chronic neurological ailment; or a fear that changes your breathing and posture.

As you learn to change or expand your automatic responses, we now know you can break past existing limitations and expand your physical and mental abilities - often far beyond your belief of what's possible. Moshe Feldenkrais turned this knowledge into a trainable learning method that helps

"Make the impossible into the possible,
the difficult into the easy,
and the easy into the elegant."

The Feldenkrais Method® is a guided learning method which can help you do that and more.

Who can benefit?

The Feldenkrais Method has been shown to be effective for people of all walks of life and all ages, healthy and not; what they have in common is a desire to grow. Most commonly, those who seek out this practice fall into these categories:

  • Those in pain: back, neck, shoulder, hip, leg or knee pain, headaches…
  • Those with central nervous system conditions: multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, stroke or those who've suffered from head injuries…
  • Children (or their parents) who are suffering from issues related to premature birth, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy…
  • Athletes, musicians and all who want to improve flexibility, agility, speed, balance and maintain more poise under pressure…
  • Corporate teams who want to learn to interact and perform more effectively…
  • Healthcare practitioners who want to improve their performance, and also to understand how the method may help their own patients…
  • Learn more

Use more of what you already have better than you ever thought possible.

Triangle Feldenkrais in Raleigh, North Carolina is fully dedicated to helping our students learn to use their bodies more fully and successfully to:

  • reduce acute and chronic pain
  • expand physical and mental abilities beyond their perceived limits, and, ultimately
  • expand their notions of themselves overall

Led by Feldenkrais Guild Certified PractitionerCM, Bob Boyd, Triangle Feldenkrais helps students learn how to learn more effectively. Our clients love the power this gives them to continue to grow on their own, long after our lessons have ended. Whether you choose to pursue group, one-on-one or team building activities, you'll be unlocking the door to a new world of possibilities for yourself. And we will feel privileged to help in your journey.

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Thank you very much for the lesson. I felt great - very even-keel - afterwards, and was so impressed by both its effects and the experience overall. You're clearly a talented practitioner!

Wendy Harrington Sidekick Communications

I know I have healed in so many ways. When I first started last year, I was stumbling over my feet and broke my arm. Today I'm walking, talking and even skipping for joy!

Ruth Hamilton Expressive Arts Counselor Arts Can Heal

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After knowing Robert for several years I still really did not understand the dynamics surrounding Feldenkrais. One day I took a session with him and I was blown away. I was amazed at the Feldenkrais process. My legs did not seem attached to my body. Robert was so gentle and professional. There is no way to describe it. Feeling is believing.

Marilyn Shannon Life Coach Dialogue Inc.

I value working with Bob Boyd because he is a good listener. He is thoughtful, patient, and willing to try various methods to help me achieve my session goals.

K. J.