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  • The Feldenkrais Guild® of North America Website of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America. Here you can find Feldenkrais classes and practitioners in the U. S. and Canada plus materials and more information about the method.

North Carolina, USA Feldenkrais Practitioners

  • Website of Lavinia Plonka, Feldenkrais Practitioner in Asheville, NC and author of the books, What Are You Afraid Of and Walking Your Talk
    • Karen Dold and Nancy Agnew, Feldenkrais practitioners in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area.

Feldenkrais Trainings/Trainers

  • Website of Yvan Joly, Feldenkrais Trainer and Educational Director.

Feldenkrais Practitioners in other states/countries


  • Website of Eliza Parker, Feldenkrais Practitioner in Golden, Body-Mind Centering Practitioner and Me & My Body for preschoolers.





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  • The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia


Thank you very much for the lesson. I felt great - very even-keel - afterwards, and was so impressed by both its effects and the experience overall. You're clearly a talented practitioner!

Wendy Harrington Sidekick Communications

I know I have healed in so many ways. When I first started last year, I was stumbling over my feet and broke my arm. Today I'm walking, talking and even skipping for joy!

Ruth Hamilton Expressive Arts Counselor Arts Can Heal

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After knowing Robert for several years I still really did not understand the dynamics surrounding Feldenkrais. One day I took a session with him and I was blown away. I was amazed at the Feldenkrais process. My legs did not seem attached to my body. Robert was so gentle and professional. There is no way to describe it. Feeling is believing.

Marilyn Shannon Life Coach Dialogue Inc.

I value working with Bob Boyd because he is a good listener. He is thoughtful, patient, and willing to try various methods to help me achieve my session goals.

K. J.